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1. Presentation/project

Photovoltaic in Urban Policies- Strategic and Comprehensive Approach for Long-term Expansion, PV UP-SCALE, is a European founded project (contract EIE/05/171/SI2.420208) related to the large-scale implementation of photovoltaics (PV) in European cities.

Its objective is to bring the stakeholders in the urban planning process to attention the economical drivers, bottlenecks like grid issues, the do and don’ts within the PV-urban planning process. To reach the urban decision makers workshops will be organised and a quality handbook will be written using gained experience with PV-Urban projects in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom. The project suits the activities that are executed in the IEA PVPS implementing agreement, in particular IEA PVPS Task 10. It takes information from Task 7 (building integrated PV), which ended in 2001 and Task 5 (grid issues), ended in 2003.