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8. Events

Minutes of workshops and seminars
on PV and Urban Planning
organised within the PV-UPSCALE project

Within the PV-UPSCALE project, a set of workshops and seminars were organised to give an overview of the main results and achievements of the PV-UPSCALE project during which 15 “solar cities” in Spain, France, The Netherlands, Austria and the United Kingdom were reviewed.

Topic DateCountry
Dissemination seminar in the UKJune 2008UK
Seminar on PV architecture targeted to the building industry and architects29 May 2008The Netherlands
Seminar on PV in the urban planning process6 March 2008Belgium
Seminar on PV in the Urban Planning Process targeted to the educational sector24-25 October 2007Spain
Seminar on Urban PV Applications targeted to a broad audience of stakeholders29 November 2007France
Seminar related to the impact of large scale PV applications targeted to utilities, system operators and the power electronic industry3-4 May 2006Germany