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European Seminar

Minutes of the
European seminar on PV and Urban Planning
6 March 2008 - Brussels

The objective of this seminar was to give an overview of the main results and achievements of the PV-UPSCALE project during which 15 “solar cities” in Spain, France, The Netherlands, Austria and the United Kingdom were reviewed.

An international panel was chaired by professor Kees Duijvestein in order to share with the audience their experience. During this interactive workshop, success and riskfactors related to social, economical and technical aspects of PV in the urban planning process were discussed.

Kees DuijvesteinBuild DeskChairman’s presentation
PV in the urban planning process
Frank WoutersEcofysVison of panel expert
Urban planning with Solar Energy in Germany
Jadranka CaceHorisunVison of panel expert
Maximization Method as urban design tool
Bruno GaiddonHespulVison of panel expert
Urban planning with PV in France
Henk KaanECNVison of panel expert
Drivers and Barriers of urban PV in the Netherlands